About BPO

BPO practices fair pricing principle and allow the client financial relief by activity based fees which ensure scalability and future proofing, while not necessitating capital investment but merely requiring monthly disbursement for the duration of the service period.

Our outsourcing initiative involves the agglomeration of non-core activities including fringe processes to provide a holistic solution thus allowing our client to focus on their core activities.

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Years Of Experience

300 +


Our Services

Utility Billing Services

Providing meter reading and data acquisition services

Arrears Management & Recoveries

Provide customized enforcement services & consumer profiling

Auditing & NRW (Apparent Loss)

Data Integrity and Audit concerns & Operational audit and SOP Compliance

Improved Data, Asset Management & GPS Location

Geo-tagging and maintenance scheduling services

Billing & Software System - Maintenance & Support

Scalable and future prove consumer information system

Metering Management

Meter replacement programme & upgrading of distributions services

Customer Service Support

Counter management service & Call centre and site investigation

Human Capital Management

To forecast labor and workload demand, define and assign schedules.

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