About Us


The BPO Group differentiates itself by tailoring its solutions to meet the needs and desires of Utilities Company in revenue enhancement encompassing meter reading, bill presentment, consumer account enquiries, work order management, recoveries, reduced arrears and customer satisfaction.

The group has a clear and specific strategy/objectives that include immaculate execution plan with agreed milestones and performance attributes (KPI & benchmarking).

BPO Group has the flexibility to accommodate contingent desires and amicable exit features for both parties to ensure business continuity in any joint ventures and strategic alliance.

Our group has undertaken similar projects since 2004, and understands the extensive needs of the water utility business sector.

Our outsourcing initiatives are tailored to cater for client’s specific requirements and is flexible in terms of forging partnership and/or open for negotiations as regards to other ventures and pricing methods.



To empower our client with effective and robust outsourcing solution and enabling optimum deliverance of their core services.


Our Vision is to deliver the best value solution to our customer by applying best practices and technology agglomerating appropriate human resources, ensuring high productivity and data integrity.


We deliver cost effective solutions to maximise returns and consumer satisfaction